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A one-stop web site for answering cat-related questions, helping with cat issues in the community, and keeping cat volunteers and organizations connected.  
assistance Need Help or Advice? Found or Lost a cat?
● Or, for faster answers check the Knowledge Base first.
Existing Volunteers Already work with cats?
● Learn how the CRC can help you help the cats and the community.
Volunteer Want to help/volunteer?
● Help when you can, doing the things you want, without additional commitment.
The Cats Need You! If you already feed feral/community cat colonies, do TNR, volunteer with an organization and/or work on your own, click the button above to learn how the CRC can help you help the cats!
Connect with others whose mission is to help cats and the community, allowing you to:
  • Offer or request help.
  • Get information about cat-related issues.
  • Be as involved as you want to be without obligation to a particular organization beyond your already-existing affiliations.
The CRC is the most convenient way for people to connect to share available resources, maximize efforts and to tap into the existing pool of knowledge and experience found in the cat rescue volunteer community.  
Please click on an area of interest below to learn how you can use the CRC to provide or obtain assistance for the cats:
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